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Ten Reasons to Visit B.C. Wineries and Distilleries this Fall

Fall brings out feelings of cozy coats and scarves, crisp air, pumpkins and mugs of tea, or maybe even a dash of something stronger. Once the summer crowd has come and gone, it’s the perfect time to explore Victoria and the surrounding area’s wineries and distilleries. Visiting vineyards, indulging in wine tastings, sampling spiced distilled […]

Festivals Unique to Victoria

Victoria is a dynamic city where you can always find something going on – rain or shine, winter, fall, spring or summer. There’s something for everyone and there are numerous festivals that are strictly unique to Victoria. No matter what season you’re visiting, you’re guaranteed to find a unique and fun experience to join in […]

Victoria With Kids

Newly weds or nearly dead, the largest population types of Victoria really only add up to one thing: lots of kids. Whether it’s grandkids coming in for the weekend or the summer, or new families starting up, children seem to take over the town any given day. That also means Victoria is a great place […]

Cheap Eats

Victoria is a city that boasts one of the highest restaurants per capita in Canada. You can sample flavours from around the world and eat out every night without making a return appearance. If money weren’t a factor, testing that theory would be pretty high on a lot of people’s lists. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grown […]

Things Victoria is the Capital of and Other Fun Facts

Victoria is a dynamic city that exploded over night from a small 500-person town to over 5,000 during the Gold Rush. Today, it’s a hot spot for retirees, boaters, outdoor lovers and new families; the population totals to around 370,000 people. There are plenty of other things that Victoria encompassed over the years as it […]

5 Day Trips from Victoria

Although you can spend days on end exploring Victoria itself, there are plenty of nearby destinations worth checking out. So, if you’re spending more than a few days on the Island, consider using Victoria as a home base to head out on any one of these 5 great day trips you can make from the […]

BC Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings are located on the banks of the Inner Harbour in British Columbia’s capital city, Victoria. As one of the dominant features of the downtown core, B.C.’s government buildings are one of Victoria’s must-see sights, teeming with history and culture. They reside on five hectares of lush property, and were constructed on the […]

Whale Watching in Victoria

Imagine zipping along the ocean in a zodiac when suddenly, the boat slows down. A couple hundred meters ahead, you watch the massive outline of a whale’s tail break the surface before dipping down into the depths of the ocean. Above, eagles are screeching and soaring


With nearly 3500km of coastline and hundreds of lakes, steams and rivers, paddling is a prime activity in Victoria. Not only does it allow a close up on the multitude of marine life that calls the coast home, but kayaking also gives a unique outlook on Victoria. It’s a fantastic way to take advantage

Witty’s Lagoon

Some might say Witty’s Lagoon is a pretty well kept secret just outside of Victoria on Metchosin Road. With a bit of sunshine finally gracing the as-of-late grey horizon, I was more than excited to take up the opportunity to explore.

I was taken aback at just how beautiful the area really was! Sitting Lady Falls is easily accessed and