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A small waterfront community, Sooke, B.C. follows the shoreline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca rolling around Sooke Basin and Becher Bay quietly and beautifully. The timeless ocean waves lap up against the large rock boulders spotting guard along the jagged coastline populated with families of leaning Arbutus trees shedding bark into the wind.

Sooke Vancouver Island CoastlineViews, looking out from Sooke, are filled with boats, yachts, kayakers and fishing trawlers passing through the strait and busy, coming and going, from the community harbour. Marine birds fly high above watching...
waiting for food. Nothing is still.

Sightseeing never ends when exploring the Village of Sooke, BC or when walking the coastline. Hence, it is always a good idea to have a camera or binoculars handy. For example, in the distance, far out off the coastline, is Secretary Island and Race Rocks. Always worth a look fer sure. On a typical clear summer day, one can see across the Pacific Ocean at Washington State's Olympic Mountains.

The Sooke, BC coastline is populated with unique homes and dwellings, some on stilts, others beach front, and even more homes hidden above in the hills peeking through the trees. The village and the surrounding areas provide plenty of accommodations suiting all ages and lifestyles. In the village there are restaurants, grocery stores, camping supply stores, a laundromat, gas stations, retail shopping stores and much more.

Map of Victoria BC CanadaSooke is not far away by car, to some of us locals the drive around corners bordering rock cliffs, past fields and through forests is a blast of scenery to absorb and well worth the trip. Sooke, B.C. is located south of the Pacific Rim National Park which makes sense to why the community takes its scenery and environment so seriously. Many locals participate and have a say in the establishment and maintenance of the natural park areas in and around the village. The Sooke locals have played a large role in preserving Otter Point, Beechey Head, Whiffin Spit, Sooke Pot Holes and East Sooke Park.

Sooke BC, is ideal for outdoor adventures and, if need be, is in close proximity to the City of Victoria. Everywhere you turn in Sooke, left and right, , a full agenda of year round outdoor fun awaits. This quaint little oceanside village is ideally situated on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island which is a mega adventure destination for hikers, backpackers, fishermen, kayakers, mountain bikers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Continue towards Port Renfrew and Jordan River and there are more special beaches and backpacking trails to cherish and enjoy like French Beach and the Juan de Fuca Trail. Further down the road some hilltop ocean views appear and soon later you are entering Port Renfrew exploring Botanical Beach and parts of the West Coast Trail.

The wilderness region draws many visitors to the area for the outdoors and/or for relaxation. Sooke is an adventure waiting to happen, a community wanting to please and a landscape to be thankful for. A destination able to accommodate every type of personality for extended periods and provide many interesting day trips and multi day trips all the time.

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The Province of British Columbia is located on the west coast.Canada

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Sooke BC , Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Travel Guide

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