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Saanichton, Victoria , BC, Canada
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Victoria, BC, Canada : Saanich

Saanich, Brentwood Bay Views
Saanichton, BC, Canada

The Saanichton, B.C., region is situated north of the City of Victoria located centrally on the Saanich Peninsula. It is a community filled with farmers fields, ocean coastlines, outdoor markets, forested parks, estate homes and First Nation culture.

Brentwood Bay

Brintwood Bay is a small village located in the Saanichton region of Victoria, BC, Canada. The village is home to shopping, transportation (the Brentwood Ferry connecting Saanichton and Mill Bay) and Victoria's most popular flower garden - the Butchart Gardens.

Other services important to travelers operating in Saanichton include accommodations, marina, grocery store, spa, pub, golf courses, bank, marina, gas stations and restaurants.

The Saanichton area is a region with a growing organic farming industry. There are specialty businesses in the region also; like outdoor farm markets, flower plantations, seed producers, vineyards, cider vintners, brew pubs, feed producers and art galleries.


Map of Victoria BC CanadaThe Victoria Pat Bay Highway (Hwy#17) is the main highway traveling the Saanich Peninsula. The highway route passes by Saanichton and connects the City of Victoria and the community of Sidney. However... the sights and sounds of the Saanichton region are located best off the beaten track.

The secondary country roads, to and from Saanichton, are popular Victoria sightseeing routes for driving and cycling. The narrow roads twist and turn passing by farms, markets, parks and through neighbourhoods and along ocean coastlines. Saanich Road West being the most popular.


The Province of British Columbia is located on the west coast.Canada

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