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Il Covo Trattoria Image 495x320Trattoria – “an Italian style eating establishment serving classic home-cooked Italian cuisine in a warm and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere”. Located in a 100 year old heritage building in historical James Bay and steps from the Inner Harbour, Il Covo Trattoria is a memorable and unique Italian dining experience. Being a trattoria, it’s the perfect spot for special occasions, intimate dinner dates or parties. Enjoy truly authentic, rustic Italian food in a warm old world Tuscan ambience.
During the summer season dine al fresco in the popular Italian inspired garden patio.
Come and enjoy a taste of Italy! Buon Appetito!


San Remo was founded in 1985, when Dino and his family opened a new restaurant promising an authentic Greek vibe and delicious meals. Ever since, our restaurant has offered great service, food and has provided a welcoming atmosphere to all guests for over thirty years. Stop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy Greek classics, Italian favourites, handcrafted pizzas, soups, salads, traditional appetizers and a great selection of wine and beer. You can even take it to go. We also feature a number of dine-in and weekly specials. Come for the food and stay for the atmosphere at San Remo!


Darcy’s is a fun little spot right on Wharf Street with an outside, protected patio for those sunny days and a nice little view of the harbour. Enjoy some classic pub-fare, a couple pints of a local brew and enjoy the laid-back, comfortable vibe! If you are looking for a decadent dessert go for the Baileys Cheesecake!

The Local

Another Wharf Street location, the Local has a great selection of tasty food and drinks on tap! The pub possesses a sunny, street-side patio that boasts a harbour view and has a menu fit with fancy snacks and things to share. The menu also has a big selection of burgers and sandwiches, 3 different choices of fries and some larger entrees and salads to choose from and does a small brunch menu on Sundays until 2pm.

Photo By: © Natulive Canada

Garrick’s Head

Garricks Head is one of the oldest English Pubs in Canada, opening its doors in 1867, and has received the title of possessing Victorias largest selection of both craft and import beer on tap! Spend some time relaxing around their cozy, wood burning fireplaces over traditional English Pub fare, or people watch from the outdoor patio that overlooks tourist hotspot, Bastion Square. The pubs brick walls and archways, large windows and history-laden building provide the bar with a cozy and intriguing atmosphere and the large menu provides something for everyone. Even the Elk head coat-of-arms above the fireplace has seen the same number of years as the pub itself and is well recognized by locals.

The Churchill

At the Churchill, they know that after a long day of touristing, working or enjoying a day off, everyone deserves a refreshing drink and some great food. With a west coast twist on traditional pub food and 50 taps of the best craft beer of the Pacific North West, the pub provides exactly that as well as a cozy atmosphere to share with a friend or a few. With more than enough history in the building to claim you were learning about Victorias past,its a great place to refuel to continue on with your day or connect with a friend over some tasty eats.

The Drake Eatery

Paying homage to the original Drake Hotel and Beer Parlour, the first pub to open up after prohibition, the Drake Eatery maintained the beer part and added so much more! Featuring local, organic food and focusing on craft beer that’s brewed right in Victoria, the bustling, brick room complete with cozy lounge chairs, long wooden tables and old-style rugs has you feeling right at home. The goal here is to get people away from anything other than having a good-old face-to-face conversation and enjoy a pint, not a cocktail, a pint! This is why they provide counter service only and lack those big TV’s playing “the game.” Bump elbows with new and old friends, bring the kids if you like and enjoy kicking back in the place fondly known to locals as simply, “The Drake.”


Nautical Nellies

Anything you could ask for from a steak and seafood house, Nautical Nellies has. Local and seasonal ingredients with the Ocean Wise stamp of approval, an innovative kitchen, an extensive wine list, a heated sundeck and a stunning downtown harbor view to enjoy as you sip your happy-hour beverage… and that is all without talking about the Oysters! Nautical Nellies also boasts Victoria’s largest selection of fresh-shucked oysters in their Oyster Bar, with various groupings so that the guests can determine which flavours and kinds they will be trying. The restaurant has received multiple awards for their service as well as awards for their 200+ wine list. Besides oysters and steak, they also offer an incredible range of other dishes to choose from. If you want to do steak and seafood right while visiting Victoria, definitely stop by Nautical Nellies.

Blue Crab Seafood House

Nothing is fresher than the eats youll find at the Blue Crab Seafood House and their bundle of awards can attest to that. Each day begins with a call to their fishmonger who delivers a fresh load of fish every morning challenging the culinary team as they brainstorm innovative specials for the daily chalkboard. Enjoy an ocean-view breakfast at 6am or join them in the lounge starting at 11 for a cocktail accompanied by their famous, delicious crab cakes. Keep an eye out for local specialties that only roll in on occasion as a nautical treat and experience a truly unique seafood dining experience as the ever-changing creations from the kitchen continue to delight and satisfy guests all-year round.

The Fish Store at Fishermans Wharf

No trip to fishermans wharf is complete without sampling some of the freshest seafood around, so why not stop by the Fish Store and give it a go? Gluten free is not a problem and the menu is 100% Ocean Wise approved so you know youre getting the most sustainable and the best of the best! They are a processing plant as well as a store and restaurant so they cut out the middlemen completely and get the fish you eat straight off the boat.

The menu has a fry bar and steam bar for fish and crab as well as a few soups, fish tacos, rice wraps and buck-a-shuck oysters from 4-5
every day. You can feed the seals off the dock to make for a few extra memorable moments and can even take some fish to go to try to re-create the experience at home for your friends!

Ferris Upstairs Oyster Bar

What started as extra space for the popular downstairs Ferris Grill, the Upstairss slowly evolved into a popular steak and seafood spot! After a complete renovation to accommodate its increasing number of visitors, Ferris Upstairs Oyster Bar has continued turning out Mediterranean inspired dishes featuring local fish and shellfish, as well as grilled to perfection Alberta steaks. Fresh shucked and baked oysters accompanied by champagne are always a favourite and the comfortable atmosphere known to the regulars of Ferris Grill, extends to this more upscale version of the popular restaurant.

Photo By: Ryan Tomko

Red Fish Blue Fish

Red Fish Blue Fish is a truly unique to Victoria experience and makes for the perfect nautical lunch. Located in an up-cycled cargo container on a wooden pier right in the inner harbor, youll enjoy your fish chips listening to the sound of seagulls, the splash of the water against the woodwork and smelling the salty ocean breeze – just make sure the gulls arent in the mood for trying to share! Red Fish Blue Fish is another Victoria establishment dedicated to serving Ocean Wise approved seafood and although small in size, is big in heart and a favourite spot for the Victorias locals.

Photo By: Alyson Hunt

Finer Dining:

Il Terrazzo

Candle light, brick walls, fireplaces and archways set the scene for an incredible, Italian dining experience at Il Terrazzo, voted Victorias Best Italian Restaurant. Enjoy wine from their internationally acclaimed wine list paired with Northern Italian cuisine such as their incredible homemade pasta, wood-oven roasted pizzas and meats and of course, fresh West Coast seafood. Tucked away in an old to
town courtyard next to Market Square, the large, double red doors and classic black gates alight with twinkle lights greet you as you find your way along the alley. Any Italian fan will fall in love immediately with their to-die-for menu and whether you visit for lunch or dinner, youll find a multitude of choices to keep you satisfied for the rest of the day.

Photo By: Gary Hoyer

Saveur Restaurant

Hand-selected… Local… Fresh… Unique… Those are just a handful of the words that come to mind when talking about Saveur, a French inspired, fine-dining experience in a casual, urban setting. The flavours are elegant but the plates are playful and
although there is an a la carte menu, the tasting menus (Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian) come highly recommended and are Saveurs specialty. Each dish is paired with a wine and even for non-vegetarians, choosing between the two is a tough call! They also have the option of joining them at the bar when you can order tapas and select from their inspiring cocktail list to try something new, or just sip your favourite classic. If youre in the mood for a decadent brunch, Saveur also boasts an incredibly unique but absolutely tasty brunch menu fit with the option of having a Canadian classic: the Caesar.

10 Acres Kitchen

If you’re looking for a place more sustainable, more farm-to-plate and more local than 10 Acres Kitchen or any of its associated restaurants (Bistro and Commons), you’re going to be hard-pressed to find it. What this Kitchen doesn’t grow/ethically raise on their own organic farm just outside of Victoria, they ensure it is sourced from local famers, fishermen and food purveyors who share the passionate mindset of those at this restaurant. Located at the heart of Victoria, in a beautiful heritage building, 10 Acres Kitchen is aiming to pair impeccable food with perfect drinks and fantastic service. With a seasonally rotating and palate-pleasing menu based on what’s available from their crops, the Kitchen never fails to keep you having a brand new experience every time you return.

Photo By: © Natulive Canada

Stage Wine Bar

Stage Wine Bar, as the name would lead one to think, provides 17 sommelier-selected, British Columbia wines in one fantastic list. With 3oz tasters to select the best wine for your meal and 5oz pours to enjoy, Stage Wine Bar guarantees youll find the perfect pairing for your palate. However, fine wine isnt the only thing theyre committed to – the food menu, on rotation based on availability much like the wine, is also a product of the restaurants dedication to creating a fantastic experience. Making much of the products in-house such as their homemade pasta, breads, stocks and charcuterie, you wont just be tasting a selection off a menu, youll be tasting the dedication, passion and hard work of those who dream to make dining an experience worth coming back to.


Café Bliss

Located on Pandora Ave. Café Bliss is a sweet little raw and live food juice bar that opened in 2008 and has since found its niche in Victorias downtown core. Using 100% organic, raw plant-source ingredients sourced from BC farmers or ethical fair trade suppliers, eat heartily knowing that the food on your plate or in your cup didnt have to travel much at all to get there. Top off your smoothie, juice or meal with a decadent dessert that is 100% dairy, wheat and gluten-free or even take an entire cake home to enjoy later. Regardless of what you try out, youll be happy that founder, Heather Cunliffe followed her Bliss to bring us this fantastic, nourishing spot.

Caffe Fantastico

This popular coffee company has 3 amazing locations – Quadra Village on Kings Road, Dockside on Harbour Road and Tre Fantastico in Humboldt Valley, that all carry on the aesthetic and coffee perfection, which started at the home-base in QuadraVillage. Tre Fantastico offers a selection of beer, wine and, of course, coffee, to form a beverage trifecta, as well as some smaller eats to keep you going with your exploration of Victoria. The other two locations are more coffee focused and create fantastic spaces to meet with a friend, enjoy the bustling, happy vibe and sip your way through an array of artistically crafted coffee beverages made from freshly roasted beans.

Discovery Coffee

Pushing the boundaries on what makes good coffee, Discovery Coffee is consistently doing what its name states – discovering. Whether it’s a new brewing technique, a different bean or a combination of the two, they are constantly trying to find what makes fantastic coffee and invites customers along on their journey to find the perfect cup, and to help customers find their own. By roasting in small batches, they are constantly exploring and developing the passion that is all things roasted, caffeinated and brewed. Take the time for a sip or two at any of their 5 locations and discover whats turning in the roasting drum during your time in Victoria.

2% Jazz

Since 1996 2% Jazz, made the move from coffee kiosk to bustling cafe and has been flooding its downtown Victoria community with coffee. Since 2006, it has also filled the streets with the scent of freshly roasting beans in order to take full control over their coffee program and provide longstanding customers and new faces with only the best. Visit the Douglas st. Location on the south side of the Hudson building or the Hillside location to snag a cup of finely crafted Joe and see what the hype is all about.

The Moka House

If youre stuck studying or working at all during your visit to Victoria, or are just craving a homey atmosphere to sit down with a warm drink and a book or a friend, then any of the Moka House locatins will do the trick. Whether youre looking to read in the sun or cozy up next to an indoor fireplace, Moka house has both and their highly trained baristas will have you happily sipping a drink in no time. Dig into a variety of baked goods or snacks while youre there and take the time to really enjoy the pleasure of coffee.


Jam Cafe

Easily Victorias favourite brunch spot, the only trouble youll come across at Jam cafe is trying to decide what to eat or maybe getting in depending on the hour! Their all-day breakfast menu is positively extensive and is aimed at broadening your breakfast horizons.From Bennies to unique home creations, like the Red Velvet Pancakes, youll be coming back to attempt to try it all. Also served all day, lunch has as many options as breakfast, again showing off the uniqueness of the minds inside the kitchen. Thank goodness for the creation of Brunch because trying to decide which menu to order off of would be nearly impossible. Located in Old Town, you can kick up your morning with a boozy-based drink such as a bacon-garnished.Caesar and head off satisfied to burn off your brunch by wandering the rest of downtown Victoria in time to return to try out lunch!.

Blue Fox Cafe

As unique as the idea of a Blue Fox, this eclectic café is another popular, all-day breakfast place located on Antique Row in a unique, brick-walled heritage building. Sit under the high ceilings next to the massive plate glass windows and enjoy the cool light of Modernicas Big Bubble lamps amongst the locals who have called this place their breakfast spot since 1991. Try any one of their 10 types of Eggs Benny or giant burgers and rest easy knowing that they focus on fresh, local products including organic coffee and free run chicken. Be prepared to wait in line though, the neat eats and fantastic service is far from a secret in this city.

John’s Place

Although John’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, anyone will tell you that breakfast is the time to be there. Having been featured on You gotta eat here for all the right reasons, you know you’ll be satisfied after consuming anything off of the extensive menu at Johns. The menu possesses all the classics such as Belgian Waffles, Bennies and Omelettes, but theres also an entire section for Tex-Mex favourites and a section they like to call Off the Wall Breakfasts. Theres a reason why half portions are an option for many of the choices. Over the past 30 years they have perfected their menu and you will not be disappointed by the made-from-scratch, diner-style experience.


Mo:Le claims that their food tastes so good due to one simple ingredient: love. What started out as a couple of friends wanting to serve good food to all types of people and with all types of diets, this small eatery quickly grew into an established hotspot in Victoria for breakfast, brunch and lunch! From favourite breakfast classics to their own specialties there is something for everyone and for every diet – almost everything can be made vegetarian or vegan upon request if it isnt already. Amp it up with a specialty coffee or get a little classy over some mimosas and champagne cocktails for brunch. If youre traveling with any vegetarians or vegans or just want to try some really awesome food, Mo:Le’s is the place to be.


If youre hungry and are in the mood for a side of cheekiness with your brunch experience then you have to head over to Spoons. Their hefty, incredible breakfasts will start your day off right and the menu item names and descriptions are riddled with sass and as unique as the meals themselves. Ranging all the way from breakfast to lunch, sweet and savory, the first half of the challenge is deciding and the second half is managing to eat it all. If youre into a real tasty challenge, try out James.

Breakfast Poutine. If youre an adventure taker then see what the kitchen whips up for you with the Prusa and have them flip you for it– the experience is definitely worth the double and if you call it, well, everyone loves a free breakfast!.

Floyd’s Diner

Housed in a bright pink building, Floyds Diner is a place you wont miss, and something you definitely don’t want to. Since 2004, they’ve been serving up fantastic breakfasts and lunch in a fun and family-oriented atmosphere. Boasting all of the classics and a few extras, Floyds is definitely another local favourite.

Casual Eats:

Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Any dedicated burger lover will want to make a stop at Bin 4 – Victorias favourite gourmet burger lounge. Top your burger off with local ingredients and house –made sauces and even take it to go to enjoy outside on a sunny summer day. Definitely a favourite for University students, the lounge has a deal that provides 50% off burgers with a drink purchase every night after 9pm! That makes this spot the perfect place for an after dinner or late night snack. Sip a local beer over a delectable burger or, if burgers arent your thing, over some of the freshest salads or tasty other options this contemporary hotspot has to offer.

Bard and Banker:

Bard and Banker is an elegant pub situated right on the corner of View in a building rich with Victoria history. With a focus on local beer, specialty, craft cocktails fine wines and great food and service, its a bar that is consistently packed and never disappoints. The building itself originally hosted the Bank of British Columbia, and did so from 1885-1988. Now, the sweeping staircases and cozy booths add to an inviting and lively atmosphere. With live music nightly, a made-from-scratch menu and a fantastic selection, you will find Bard and Banker does it all and can expect it to be packed with locals and tourists alike.

Irish Times

Another bank-turned-pub, Irish Times was rated one of the best Irish pubs outside of Ireland in 2015! This previous Bank of Montreal,which was built in 1894, is now a well-known gathering spot with a menu including pub favourites and a dash of Irish classics. If Guinness isnt your beer of choice, sip an Irish coffee or choose from over 40 other taps including both local and global breweries, any of their Irish whiskey selection (the largest in Victoria) or from their wine list boasting many of BCs finest wineries. Live music also adds to the boisterous affair and makes for a great evening of eating and drinking. They even have brunch! So have a seat and embrace the mentality of Irish Times: “Food for the body, drink for the spirit, and music for the soul.”

Rebar Modern Food

Rebar Modern Food has never been afraid to share the love of the modern kitchen so if youre looking for fresh, local and new, this is the place to try out. They even give away all of their trade secrets in a cookbook that allows the world to see what heights a new-aged kitchen can reach, and all with the best local ingredients! Nothing is off-limits in the Rebar kitchen and they have everything from curries and salads to enchiladas and burgers. There’s even a brunch menu on the weekend if you cant make it in for lunch or dinner. Take the dive into modern kitchen- if you like it enough maybe youll be trying it out in your own home once you return from Victoria!


Ask anyone in Victoria where to go for Italian and theyll tell you Pagliaccis. Every delectable dish is made on the spot and they have live music from Sunday to Wednesday between 8-10pm. Stop by for lunch, dinner or even Sunday brunch and get a taste of what everyone is talking about. Youll almost definitely have a little extra to take home for the next day as well. Experience Italian kitchen the way it was before chain restaurants and fast food where all the local Victorians do. After all,they know best.

Photo By: © Natulive Canada

Cafe Brio

Café Brio is another Victoria favourite and has been so for 19 years and counting. Soft lighting and warm colours make you feel full of
brio-liveliness, and right at home which is their goal – the restaurant considers all of its guests to be a part of the family like any true Italian kitchen. The plates are made to encourage sharing and they even have a family-style dinner option! Everything is made in-house including bread and salumi. Enjoy a half plate of any order to be able delve into more than one plate and experience the full flavor of local products, fresh seafood and Italian-inspired cucina rustica.

Little Jumbo

Little Jumbo is an establishment that started way back in New York with one of the pioneers of American mixology Harry Johnson, who bought it from his rival Jerry Thomas at the time in 1866. Now, Victorias Little Jumbo pays homage to the established image of
the Bartender both a professional and creative artist. They are dedicated to providing fresh local food paired with fine wines and
mixology both classic and modern. Treat your palate to a new favourite beverage and enjoy it with any one of their divine, locally inspired dishes. Then, proceed to enjoy either a liquid dessert in cocktail form or something off of their to-die-for dessert menu. After a long day, you probably even deserve both.

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