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As British Columbia’s capital city, Victoria is an incredible,…

Tour the Parliament Buildings

Victoria has more whale watching boats leave their harbour than any other place on Vancouver Island. The reason is three fold: One, there are more tourists here than any other Vancouver Island destination. Two, the areas around Victoria..
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Now that we’re back to puddles, here’s a flashback to the white fluffy stuff coming down on Christmas Eve. 🌨 Anyone else happy about the white Christmas?
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Here it is! Twenty-eighteen. May yours be filled with great food, amazing company, love and adventures. 🥂
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Stranger things have happened at the Hatley Castle, especially when it was used as the set for X-Men! ————————————————-
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Mount Douglas - an easy backyard escape to beat the concrete jungle blues. Where do you like to get back to nature?
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This one looks like something out of a fairytale with the soft lavender skies and watchful moon. What’s your favourite capture of the Parliament Buildings?
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There are so many photos of the parliament buildings, but none quite like this! A world in a raindrop. 💧
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There are some magical finds in Beacon Hill Park - even in the fall and winter!
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Victoria’s most classic view. Who’s looking forwards to the Christmas lights?
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This weekend’s weather screams adventure. Catch the fall colours, the last of the salmon run, and this beauty of a cascade at Goldstream Provincial Park! ——————————————————
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