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Top Things to Do this Holiday Season in Victoria B.C.

As the summer days fade away and the pumpkin spice lattes come…

Ten Reasons to Book a Kayaking Tour in Victoria B.C.

Whether you’re an old hand at it, or want to try kayaking for…

Fun Facts about Victoria's Top Things to Do

The top things to do in Victoria, B.C. are already on the list…

Festivals Unique to Victoria

Victoria is a dynamic city where you can always find something…

Victoria With Kids

Newly weds or nearly dead, the largest population types of Victoria…

Cheap Eats

Victoria is a city that boasts one of the highest restaurants…

Things Victoria is the Capital of and Other Fun Facts

Victoria is a dynamic city that exploded over night from a small…

5 Day Trips from Victoria

Although you can spend days on end exploring Victoria itself,…

BC Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings are located on the banks of the Inner…

Whale Watching in Victoria

Imagine zipping along the ocean in a zodiac when suddenly, the boat slows down. A couple hundred meters ahead, you watch the massive outline of a whale’s tail break the surface before dipping down into the depths of the ocean. Above, eagles are screeching and soaring
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Witty's Lagoon

Some might say Witty’s Lagoon is a pretty well kept secret just outside of Victoria on Metchosin Road. With a bit of sunshine finally gracing the as-of-late grey horizon, I was more than excited to take up the opportunity to explore. I was taken aback at just how beautiful the area really was! Sitting Lady Falls is easily accessed and
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There are some magical finds in Beacon Hill Park - even in the fall and winter!
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Victoria’s most classic view. Who’s looking forwards to the Christmas lights?
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This weekend’s weather screams adventure. Catch the fall colours, the last of the salmon run, and this beauty of a cascade at Goldstream Provincial Park! ——————————————————
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The gray days have arrived. Some of us couldn’t be happier - what do you think? Winter rains or summer days?
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The days are fast arriving where checking out the South Island swell is worth the journey. Happy surfing! 🤙🏽
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Fall has arrived and the trees of Cordova Bay are busy shaking it off. Personally, the natural red carpets and brisk air are a favourite! 🍁🍂
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Swinging into the weekend like....
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Nature’s red carpet! 🍂🍁
Where’s your favourite spot to catch the leaves in their fall colours? A personal favourite is Goldstream Provincial Park. ————————————————————
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Did you know Victoria counted 25,864,976,064 blooms in 2017 according to No wonder it's called the City of Gardens! 🌼
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