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BC Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings are located on the banks of the Inner…

Whale Watching in Victoria

Imagine zipping along the ocean in a zodiac when suddenly, the boat slows down. A couple hundred meters ahead, you watch the massive outline of a whale’s tail break the surface before dipping down into the depths of the ocean. Above, eagles are screeching and soaring
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Witty's Lagoon

Some might say Witty’s Lagoon is a pretty well kept secret just outside of Victoria on Metchosin Road. With a bit of sunshine finally gracing the as-of-late grey horizon, I was more than excited to take up the opportunity to explore. I was taken aback at just how beautiful the area really was! Sitting Lady Falls is easily accessed and
Photo By: Laura Cassian
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5 Man-Powered Water Activities to do in Victoria

Oceanside and riddled with various freshwater features as well, Victoria is a go-to destination to experience numerous activities on the water. From exhilarating adventures to a casual float and paddle, below are 5 of the multitude of water-based activities to be found in Victoria, BC.

Top Outdoor Activities in Victoria BC

Victoria boasts temperate climates that allow for outdoor experiences nearly 365-days a year. Alongside the perfect combination of mountains, forests, oceans, lakes and beaches, it’s a safe bet that Victoria is a mecca of outdoor activities. It’s hard to not take advantage of it; the city
Photo By: Steve Louie

Top Places to Catch Live Music in Victoria

There’s nothing like getting to know a city through its music venues and shows. Oftentimes those late nights of live music bring out a contagious vibe and side of a place you may have never experienced before. From concerts and big names to chill nights with a new local face, there are
Photo By: Laura Cassian

Jordan River

Although Tofino is notorious for being the top surfing destination in BC, Victoria has a secret: Jordan River. The other weekend the wind was up, the sun was out and the boards were waxed so there was only one thing left to do – go surfing! A quick 70km-or-so later, the car rolled to a stop next to a handful of others who were in on the
Photo By: Gord Handford

Haunted Buildings in Victoria

Old buildings and ghost stories have long gone hand-in-hand and Victoria is far from an exception. Its alleyways, historical sites and old brick buildings are riddled with the footsteps of citizens and residents from long ago, some more so than others. Whether you believe the rumors or not is
Photo By: Dale Simonson

Craft Beer Hotspots

It’s only fitting that Vancouver Island Brewery comes first, as it lays claim to the title of being the Island’s first craft brewery. From 6-employee/warehouse roots in Central Saanich, to a production team of over 40 in a shiny new brewery, it’s safe to say the company has grown in the last 30-or-so years.
Photo By: Andy Nystrom

Cowichan Bay Slow Food Region

Cowichan Bay is a tiny town on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. With only about 3,000 residents, it would be surprising that anyone who isn’t from the area should know its name; but they do. Foodies from not just Vancouver Island, but internationally have heard of, and flock to, Cowichan Bay. Why?
Photo By: Johnny Jay

Artisan Food Products

To many, the whole “artisanal movement” may seem like a passing fad. Maybe they’re even holding their breath for the day they can say “good riddance” to what, on the surface, appears to be either a hippy or hipster (it’s tough to say) movement. However, when you take a deeper look at what it really all means, there’s a lot to love! Just take a peek at the definition:
Photo By: Johnny Jay


As British Columbia’s capital city, Victoria is an incredible,…
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