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Festivals Unique to Victoria

Victoria is a dynamic city where you can always find something…
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Victoria With Kids

Newly weds or nearly dead, the largest population types of Victoria…
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Cheap Eats

Victoria is a city that boasts one of the highest restaurants…
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Things Victoria is the Capital of and Other Fun Facts

Victoria is a dynamic city that exploded over night from a small…
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5 Day Trips from Victoria

Although you can spend days on end exploring Victoria itself,…
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BC Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings are located on the banks of the Inner…

Whale Watching in Victoria

Imagine zipping along the ocean in a zodiac when suddenly, the boat slows down. A couple hundred meters ahead, you watch the massive outline of a whale’s tail break the surface before dipping down into the depths of the ocean. Above, eagles are screeching and soaring
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Witty's Lagoon

Some might say Witty’s Lagoon is a pretty well kept secret just outside of Victoria on Metchosin Road. With a bit of sunshine finally gracing the as-of-late grey horizon, I was more than excited to take up the opportunity to explore. I was taken aback at just how beautiful the area really was! Sitting Lady Falls is easily accessed and
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5 Man-Powered Water Activities to do in Victoria

Oceanside and riddled with various freshwater features as well, Victoria is a go-to destination to experience numerous activities on the water. From exhilarating adventures to a casual float and paddle, below are 5 of the multitude of water-based activities to be found in Victoria, BC.

Top Outdoor Activities in Victoria BC

Victoria boasts temperate climates that allow for outdoor experiences nearly 365-days a year. Alongside the perfect combination of mountains, forests, oceans, lakes and beaches, it’s a safe bet that Victoria is a mecca of outdoor activities. It’s hard to not take advantage of it; the city
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Top Places to Catch Live Music in Victoria

There’s nothing like getting to know a city through its music venues and shows. Oftentimes those late nights of live music bring out a contagious vibe and side of a place you may have never experienced before. From concerts and big names to chill nights with a new local face, there are
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Jordan River

Although Tofino is notorious for being the top surfing destination in BC, Victoria has a secret: Jordan River. The other weekend the wind was up, the sun was out and the boards were waxed so there was only one thing left to do – go surfing! A quick 70km-or-so later, the car rolled to a stop next to a handful of others who were in on the
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Trees need hugs too. 🌳
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The Kinsol Trestle Bridge is 1/5 day trips you can make from Victoria in our blog post. Where will your car take you this summer?
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